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Blaze Innovate is a Marketing, PR and Advertising Agency, whose objective it is to create REAL Brands that speaks of truly captivating experiences, for our clients from conceptualization to implementation.

BeInspired – First things First. The journey starts with a Creative Thinking Session to determine what makes you, YOU! Your DIGITAL DNA.

BeBranded – Your Corporate Identity (CI) Captured in ONE POWERFULL DESIGN

BeSeen – Visitors are great but Customers are Better. Being seen as one of the best at what you do, sending that message out into the world to sparkle. We Create Responsive Websites that visibly integrates with Social Media and Browsers and Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

BeSpoke – Social Media gives you the power to turn perception into opportunity. We believe in creating footprints. Empowering more people within our global circle of influence to Believe!

BeReal – Many times, we end up doing what everyone else is doing so we can fit in. But that’s not the solution to being successful. Being real means being yourself. You attract like minded people to yourself and end up having some great conversations with such people

Our team of knowledgeable, business strategists specializes in interactive marketing workshops

Branding is recognition and without it you will not be recognized…

Diverse product design consultancy. We are passionate about the creative industry and the community who forms part of this tribe!

The Creativity Crew – Blazing the Trails of Future Dreams

Blaze Innovate’s artistic studio is a place of inspiration for the growing team of diverse, creatives with a remarkable passion for design.
Director of Light Bulb Moments

Blazing away at the head of the team, is founder and driving force ….

Creativity Alchemist

This young creative is worth her weight in gold…

Money Maestro

Delivering Happiness. (because creatives really dislike admin!)…

Chief Inspirational Officer

Her customer-focused outlook and detailed experience in working with various…


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